Monday, September 29, 2014

Can't believe it's almost October!

The first month of school is already in the books! It's definitely been a blur at times with the amount of skills I need to teach in a short amount of time. I thought that transitioning from first to fourth was no big deal...boy was I wrong! I love the age group, don't get me wrong but I was not prepared to teach this age group. I went from teaching two digit numbers to teaching seven digit numbers! This is year nine in teaching and most days I feel like I am a first year teacher. Here are some of the friends I have handy while planning...
Thankfully, I have an awesome math resource person who has supported me all the time and at a moment's notice. She has helped me have more confidence in my teaching and abilities.

Along with the new grade and curriculum, my school decided to use Class Dojo as our behavior management system. Some teachers started using it last year toward the end of the year and we really enjoyed it. I love that we can share our classes with the specials teachers and everyone can be on the same page. The kids enjoy getting points and being able to see their progress. It's awesome to have the students' behavior documented so parents can see how they are doing.

So in the midst of all the crazy things that are going on at school, I turned 30 YEARS OLD on Thursday! It's weird thinking that I am done with my 20s but I am excited to see what my 30s bring. I love all things that you can get on your birthday for free or for a percentage off. I went to Starbucks and got a drink of my choice! Yum! It was definitely a special day and I enjoyed my time with my husband and baby :)

My goal for year 30 is to get my blog and TPT store off the ground. I want to share my love for teaching and ideas with others. I am excited for what is to come! Thanks for your support!