Friday, February 12, 2016

We Heart Maryland Blog Hop!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog! I am so excited to be apart of my first blog hop! A big thank you goes to Cheryl from Techie Turtle Teacher for hosting this We Heart Maryland Blog Hop!

Let's start off on a good note with a freebie! This freebie is normally a paid product in my store but you are able to enjoy it during this blog hop for free! I am offering one of my favorite products, which is my Homework Club Rewards pack. 

I have used it since the first month of school and I really enjoy it. It's an easy way to reward students for doing homework and they love getting homework passes in return! I have had some students that have earned 6 homework passes so far this year! If you would like your own copy, please click here!

In addition to a freebie, you have an opportunity to be apart of a giveaway! I am giving away my newest product, which is Ginger Snap! 

I know that gingerbread theme tends to be popular near the holidays but I think you can still enjoy the theme throughout the year. This is a spin off of the game Go Fish and uses multiplication and division facts. Make sure enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have only lived in Maryland for seven years but I feel that there are plenty of things that I love about Maryland. If I only had to choose one thing, it would be that Maryland has a beautiful spring time! I grew up in New England and we experienced summer, fall, winter, and mud. Winter seemed to last forever and when it got warm, everything turned to mud. 

Here in Maryland, it is completely different! Winter doesn't last as long and the warmer weather comes sooner. Flowers spring up everywhere and the grass turns green quickly. When we first moved to Maryland, we lived in Baltimore City. There was a place near the harbor that I would walk to so I could sit and read a book. It had the most beautiful flowers there and became my favorite spot! It was a great way to enjoy my personal time and springtime together! Here are some pictures of it. 

One of the most common flowers that come out are the cherry blossoms. Most people know about the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. but there are a lot of cherry blossoms throughout Maryland. They are a pretty pink and really liven up a street. My husband's uncle always talks about how it's like pink snow on his street when they bloom and then blow in the breeze. It's a beautiful site and an enjoyable time of the year!

Maryland really is a great place to live and I have enjoyed strengthening my teaching career here. I have had many experiences here that I didn't think I would ever have due to being so close to major cities, beaches, mountains, etc. It's been a great place to call home!

Well that's it for me here, but don't stop now! Hop on over to Heather's blog! Click the next stop button!

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Saturday, February 06, 2016

CURRENTLY February Style

This is the first post of 2016. I don't know where this year has gone but it's moving fast! It is definitely easier to blog in the summer than during the school year. I haven't found the balance between work, home, and blogging yet but I hope I can get in a better groove from now on. 

A great way to get started is with Currently by Oh Boy...It's Farley!

Listening to Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love Fixer Upper! Chip and Joanna Gaines are a great pair and always make me laugh. I enjoy the time and love they put into the houses they create and how they value what their clients want. I also enjoy the love they show toward each other and how they include their children in the process of the design and build. I hope I can visit the Silos or Magnolia Market someday!

Loving all the snow days we had from the blizzard. Last week, we had a blizzard in Maryland and got over two feet of snow! It was nice to be snowed in, eat warm, yummy things, and spend time with my husband and son. As a result, we were out of school basically the whole week. The plus was that we already had a day off and a teacher work day scheduled that week. So we only used three snow days. It was a nice snow vacation!

Thinking about what products I want to create next. This is the third year that I have moved grades. I was in first grade for 7 years and then I moved up to fourth grade last year and then down to third grade this year. I have enjoyed the changes but it has been difficult getting used to the content that I am teaching. It's hard to know what products I need for my students to be successful. When creating products, do I focus on the other grades I have taught or create I as go this year?

Wanting more time to get things done. The weekends are precious time! I love being able to relax with my husband and son and not having to do much. Unfortunately, there is laundry and dishes to be done, lesson plans to be written, and not to mention wanting to enjoy some hobbies of mine. Just a little more time would be nice!

Needing more excitement in my classroom. Ever feel like you are in a teaching rut? I love teaching and I enjoy making learning exciting but sometimes the ideas just don't flow. I am super excited about attending the Get Your Teach On Conference in Orlando in March! Deanna Jump and Hope King are speaking and I can't wait to learn about new ways to engage my students! They have amazing and creative ways to teach and I hope I can bring that back to my students! 

Swooning over my little man. My son is two and growing up so fast! He is learning new things all the time and I love to watch him explore new ideas. The other day, he was able to quote all the months of the year and tell me what month his birthday is in! I was amazed and thankful for the great teachers at daycare who are teaching him all these new things! The best thing is all the love and kisses he gives me and often tells my husband and me that we are his best friends!

Hope this is the start of more regular blog posts!